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5 quick fixesConscientious homeowners keep on top of all the regular maintenance items almost automatically. Once you’ve lived in a place for more than a year or two, you know what to keep an eye on, and when major fixes and updates have to be addressed.

When it’s time to sell your home, though, the focus shifts. Your property is about to enter a beauty contest, so more attention will have to be paid to moving it toward the “dazzler” category. The floor plan, décor and other features will all come into play eventually — but only after initial interest has been piqued.

“First take,” “initial impression,” “curb appeal” — whatever you want to call it, if a buyer has a positive reaction to seeing your home for the first time, everything else can fall into place. If it’s negative, though, any other issues will add resistance to an uphill battle — if they even take the time to consider the property at all.
Given that most homes that are about to go on the market in Scottsdale have basic maintenance issues solved, some of the most important items are those that boost that critical first impression. Here are five that are universally cited:

1. Clean. This one is not as obvious as it sounds — owners are used to the way the front of their house looks, and more often than not, don’t even notice when it starts to lose that “sparkle.” When years of almost-invisible grime are cleared away, the difference can be startling. Every surface has its own effective cleaning techniques, and it’s easy to find instructions on the web.

2. Spruce up your yard. Money spent on tidying up plantings, removing debris and getting the outside in great shape is a good investment.

3. Entryway. If there is an entry lantern overhead, make its glass panes shine. Front door fixtures should gleam—and if they are beyond polishing, replacing them is not a budget-buster. It can also be transformative to paint the door itself with an inviting color that accents the exterior’s tone — an idea that could be the most cost-effective curb appeal assist of all!

4. Driveway. If there are major cracks, they will need to be filled. But if the only problem is blemishes on asphalt, a sealcoat service when the weather allows can be well worth the money.

5. Identity. The house numbers, whether simply on the side of the mailbox or elsewhere, are more important than most Scottsdale homeowners realize. Prospective buyers will be looking closely at them, so it’s an opportunity to forge a distinctive identity. Search the web for images showing “house number design ideas” to see how many interesting looks are out there — then seriously consider if a change might add drama and distinction to your home’s curb appeal.

These not-so-costly fix-ups can go far to help your Scottsdale property reach out and reel in its next owner. For more helpful tips, give The Hill Group a call.

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