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If you’ve ever sold your home before…or watched HGTV…you’ve likely heard about the most popular ways to get your home ready for prospective buyers. Instead, here are three advanced tips that will help you take your home to the next level!


You already know how important it is for closets to be neat and organized: shoes lined up, drawers closed, shelves decluttered, etc. Our recommendation is to empty your closets. Not entirely, though: just empty half of what’s in there. Then decide whether the items you removed should be put into storage or donated. Not only will your closets appear much more spacious to buyers, you’ll also enjoy how much easier they are to use in the meantime.


An age-old real estate maxim says that buyers don’t really buy houses – they buy kitchens. And if your kitchen has a refrigerator in it while it is on the market, most buyers will look inside, and what they see will affect their perception of your entire kitchen. Since cleaning a refrigerator involves emptying it shelf by shelf, while you’re at it, you may as well use this opportunity to remove any old containers you haven’t used in the last month and restock it with healthy snacks and water for your buyers to grab. For more on this idea, head over to our article, “Top Tips for Selling Your Home.”


Now it’s time to think about your curb appeal…after dark. Since prospective buyers often have to schedule showings after work, a well-lit entryway flanked by attractive spots highlighting your yard’s best features will make an excellent first impression. Everyone loves a little eye-catching architectural drama!

Those are just three of the many out-of-the-box home selling tips we’ve recommended to clients to help their homes sell faster than their neighbors. If you’d like to discuss the ones that will work best for your home, call or email us today!