No Smoking
Smokers beware. Tempe’s City Council has just passed an ordinance to fine smokers driving with a minor in the car. This fine includes all kinds of smoking, including smokers using e-cigarettes. The fine starts at $50 for first-time offenders and $100 for subsequent violations after that. The good news for smokers, if there is any, is that while smoking in a car with a child is now outlawed, police can only cite the driver for the infraction if they are pulled over for committing a separate traffic offense. The fine may be applied for each child in the vehicle. The new law allows for the courts to waive the fine for first-time offenders if they agree to attend a program to quit smoking.

Lest you think Tempe is the first city in Arizona to pass such a ban, Kingman passed a similar ban earlier this year that will go into effect this Summer. And Arizona is not the first state to have local governmental bans on smoking. Many of the most populated cities across the country have already instituted various smoking bans, such as in bars and restaurants. Tempe is just one such city.

So, remember to put your cigarettes out and put your e-cigarette away before you get into your car with a minor. But if you want a “smoking hot” deal on your next home, don’t forget to call The Hill Group at 480-756-6372 or email us at