Uber Car Service

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day many of us will be going out to dinner or headed over to a friend’s house to celebrate. We at The Hill Group want our friends to be safe. Have you ever been out with friends and had one too many drinks? Have you ever been out with friends and your friend had one too many drinks?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions you may want to sign up for Uber. Uber is a car service that beats riding in a regular cab. They’re fast, clean and inexpensive. And you can choose whether you want to be picked up in an eco-friendly car, Uber Taxi, high-end sedan, SUV, or a luxury vehicle. And the beauty of Uber is that you don’t have to tip.

And you don’t need to have any cash on you either. You just put your credit card information in their system and the fare is deducted automatically from your account. Want to know how much the ride will cost before you get picked up? The Uber app will tell you that, too, and the approximate arrival time of the car, and the driver’s name. Plus, the Uber app is a convenient way to book a ride. It goes right on your mobile phone. Go to Uber for complete details.

We have to admit that we have ulterior motives in telling you about this service. We want you to be safe. And if you get a DUI in Arizona you may lose your job. There are many companies that will fire someone who has had a DUI. And if you have a security clearance you could lose that too along with your job. And even if you can find another job in this economy the national average cost of a first offense for a DUI is around $10,000. The laws here in Arizona are very strict about drinking and driving. You could also face losing your automobile license, you could face 8 or more points on your license, mandatory jail time in tent city, fines and penalties, and increased auto insurance. The average increase in car insurance is $3,000 per year. It’s just not worth it.

If you use this service by clicking on this link, you will receive $10 towards your next Uber car service.

We want you to be safe as we get ready to celebrate the next holiday and beyond. And even if you decide not to use Uber, we hope that you will use another cab service or use a designated driver.

Be safe and have fun. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image Credit: Blake Patterson on Flickr. CC Licensed.