House Hunting Tips

As a Buyer’s Agent, I am often asked by home buyers what they should bring with them when we go house hunting together. Although you don’t *really* need to bring anything with you, here are the three most important items I recommend you bring with you to make the most of any tour you take of a home.

1. Notepad

Sometimes, a good old fashioned pen and pad of paper are enough, while other people I know prefer to take notes on their smartphones. And, if you go to look at a home with me or any of the Buyer’s Agents here at The Hill Group, we’ll even bring for you a printed copy of however many listings you see with us. Whatever you prefer to write on, the reason behind the tip is the same: by taking notes as you tour a home, you’ll have a better chance of remembering the property’s key features and any unanswered questions you have about the home and want to look into.

2. Measuring Tape

Whether you have a California king size bed or an especially large dining room table, you probably have one or several furniture pieces you’d like to bring with you to your new home. So rather than try to “eyeball” it, wouldn’t it be nice to have with you the measurements of any large or oddly shaped pieces you own and then be able to measure the spaces where you think those items could go in any home you see? I don’t necessarily recommend you base an entire home purchase on the size of the furniture you currently own, but I come across a need for a measuring tape almost every day I’m showing homes to clients.

3. Mortgage Calculator

I’ve talked about the importance of having a mortgage calculator app on your phone before, but having one available during your house hunt can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to compare two or more houses with each other. Why? Because, apart from the physical differences (bedrooms, bathrooms, back yard, etc.) between two properties, there are financial differences between them as well. These financial differences can include: sales price, annual property taxes, having to purchase flood insurance or not, monthly homeowners association (HOA) assessments, etc. With a mortgage calculator app, you can quickly estimate the total monthly cost of several properties within minutes – thereby giving you another way to help you determine which home is best for you.

We’ve seen clients bring many other helpful items on their house hunting trips, too. Have you ever brought anything with you on a house tour, other than the three items I named above? If so, please tell us about it in a comment below!

Image Credit: wwarby on Flickr. CC Licensed.