As of today, a home for sale can be listed and placed in one of seven different statuses in the Arizona MLS (the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, that is).

Arizona MLS Statuses

  • Active
  • Active With Contingency (AWC)
  • Temporarily Off Market (TOM)
  • Expired
  • Cancelled
  • Pending
  • Closed

To explain why and when you might see a listing in one of these seven statuses, I’m composing a seven part series, dedicating one post to each status.

If you missed Part 1, which described Active With Contingency (AWC), go back and give it a read. It’s a real page turner. Well, it would be if you could turn a page on the internet…

Today, let’s talk about the Pending status.

Although the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service’s website doesn’t say much about the Pending status specifically, it does tell us two important things:

“As before, if the Seller does not wish to continue to market a property that is under contract, then place the listing in Pending status.”

But what does Pending mean?

As I started saying, the quote above from ARMLS’ website tells us two important things about the Pending status. Most importantly, we learn that a Pending listing, just like an AWC listing, is under contract with another buyer. However, unlike an AWC listing, the seller of a Pending listing has indicated he/she is no longer interested in actively marketing or showing the property to any more prospective buyers. A prospective buyer can still make a backup offer on a Pending listing, but as we discussed in a previous post, home sellers don’t have to respond to every offer they receive.

One last note about Pending listings is that, in the Arizona MLS, the Days on Market (DOM) counter stops when a listing goes into Pending status. This way, if a listing goes into Pending status on Day 5, but then falls out of escrow on Day 20, the home will go back on the market as having been on the market for five days, not 20 days!

Differentiating Between Pending and AWC and Active

While everyone here at The Hill Group can easily spot which listings are in Pending, AWC, and Active status because we have direct access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), most of the big name home search websites do not advertise listings in Pending status any differently than they do listings in AWC or Active status. Some of them remove Pending listings from their sites (albeit slowly), some of them add a “Sale Pending” note to the tops of Pending listings, but most of them do not.

As an example of just how confusing these big name home search websites make it, let’s look at our listing of 4071 E. Woodside Way in Gilbert (pictured above). Currently, the home is under contract with a buyer and in Pending status. If you were searching for your next home with The Hill Group and had an Advanced Property Search set up, 4071 E. Woodside Way would not appear as Active or available. But how do the Big Three websites have the home listed?

  • – Not found (must have been removed when it went into Pending status)
  • – Listed (no mention of it being in Pending status)
  • – Listed (no mention of it being in Pending status)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. As helpful as these websites can be when you’re just trying to learn more about an area, the best, most reliable source of Active listings for sale is still your local REALTOR®.

Do you have a request for which listing status I cover next? If so, post a comment below and let me know!