Average Sales Price April 2012

Lately, it’s become a never-ending challenge to keep up with the media’s coverage of the Phoenix housing market recovery, especially now that the spring home buying season is upon us! Nevertheless, I believe it’s good to check in on the court of public opinion every now and then, so here below are three articles posted on three different news websites over the past three months, along with noteworthy quotes I pulled from each. Even if you haven’t been following the Phoenix housing market this year, these articles should get you back up to speed in no time.

ASU: Phoenix housing market showing signs of recovery
February 23, 2012
“According to the data, the median sales price of a single family home is up 6.5 percent in January compared with January 2011. That number is $120,500 as compared with $113,166 a year ago.”

Phoenix-area home prices headed upward
March 31, 2012
“Also, the number of homeowners behind on their mortgages in Arizona continues to fall. So, many market watchers don’t expect another big jump in foreclosures.”

US home prices drop for 6th straight month
April 24, 2012
“Prices in nine cities fell to their lowest levels since the housing bust. The average price in Atlanta fell 17.3 percent in February compared with a year earlier. That’s the biggest annual drop in the history of the index for any city. Still, there were some positive signs in the report: Phoenix, one of the cities hit hardest by the housing bust, has seen five straight monthly gains.”

If you had to pull one noteworthy quote from any of the articles above, tell us, what would it be? We love to hear from our readers!

Image Credit: The Cromford Report