Whether you are thinking about buying a home or want to know if you can sell your home, you may want to find out how many foreclosures and short sales are in your particular area of interest. Why? This information can help investor-buyers find the areas with the lowest priced listings, owner-occupant-buyers find the areas with the lowest rate of foreclosures, and even prospective sellers who want to know how much of their competition might be distressed properties.

The map below is a snapshot, published by ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc.), of all the active distressed properties in the Phoenix Metro Area aggregated by zip code. The term “distressed properties” refers to both foreclosures (which are also commonly called REOs in the real estate industry) and short sales.

**The picture above is a static snapshot of an interactive map found on ARMLS’ website. Click on the picture above to be taken to the interactive version of the map. There, you’ll be able to click on each circle (which represents one of the zip codes here in the Greater Phoenix Area) and see how many total distressed properties were in that zip code on December 29, 2011. New monthly versions of the map are posted here.**

Would you like a more detailed analysis of distressed properties in the Phoenix Area or a closer look at a smaller sub-section of Phoenix? Contact us!