Spring in the Desert

Spring has sprung and now is the perfect opportunity to give those much needed “honey dos” a little attention. Here is a list of things you may want to remember to tackle as spring takes full bloom:

* Make a visual inspection of your roof. Look for signs of age such as curling, shrinking, or broken/missing tiles or shingles.

* Inspect you gutters and clean any build-up after a messy winter and rainy season to help maintain a free-flowing gutter system.

* Inspect the air conditioning system and change out the filters.

* Inspect your deck. Winter weather can be harsh on wood, so look for loose nails, and check for rotted boards that need to be fixed or replaced.

* Inspect window and door screens. Inspect screens for holes and tears, and then make any necessary repairs.

* Clear fireplaces. Remove as many ashes as possible, then close your chimney flue.

* Inspect drainage around the perimeter of your home to look for signs of settling or voids that would allow rain to run down into your foundation.

* Inspect paint for signs of cracking or peeling, then make repairs as necessary.

* Check the dates on spices and herbs. Toss the old spices and herbs into the garden and recycle the containers.

* Turn over your mattress and switch the direction of the box springs (if applicable).

* Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, alarm clocks, and any other battery operated items. Drop off old batteries at IKEA – call first to make sure your preferred location accepts them.

* Check first aid kits and resupply.

* Check your fire extinguisher to make sure it is adequately charged.

Also, are you considering buying a home this spring? For those planning to stay in their home for at least a few years, you may not find a better time to buy a home than now. The rare combination of low mortgage rates, greater supply of homes, and motivated sellers, makes this year a unique window of opportunity for buyers. To talk more about our Phoenix housing market, call or email us anytime. We love to work with our readers!

Image Credit: dolmsta23 on Flickr. CC Licensed.