I found myself with a lot of errands to run around Scottsdale on Sunday, so I decided to stop by the Scottsdale Plaza Resort to see what kinds of pictures I could snap of the sunset.  There’s nearly a full square mile of vacant desert land across the street from the resort.  From there, you can take in some really beautiful, unobstructed views of the sunset over Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

I got the first two shots at around 5:30pm (keep in mind, it’s January right now, so the sun is still setting early).  Then, after running to Trader Joe’s around the corner for our groceries for the week, I came back at around 6:30pm to snap the final two pictures.

Admittedly, I’m no photographer (not like Teresa Boardman, anyway), but sometimes I just have to stop and admire the mountain views here in the Sonoran Desert.  If I’ve done them any justice at all, I hope you’ve enjoyed them, too.

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