Stop encouraging bad real estate agents.  If you do, they’re just going to stick around longer.

Now, I’m not here to single out any one agent today.  That’s not why I created this blog.  What I am here to do is point out some increasingly disturbing trends in the Phoenix residential real estate market and what you can do to stop them dead in their tracks…the trends, not the agents.

“So Doug, what are these disturbing trends?”  Well, if I took the time to list them all here in this post, you’d probably stop reading after #11.  Generally, most of them can be thrown under the umbrella of Bad Customer Service.  Customer service, by the way, was supposed to be the foundation of our industry.  Because if it wasn’t, then we real estate agents are just a bunch of walking housekeys.  And I, for one, can’t figure out how a key would walk…?

Over at least the last two years, I’ve witnessed some shocking acts committed by bad Phoenix area real estate agents.  Acts, which, originally, must have been self-defeating attempts to drive business away, but now are reluctantly tolerated, and therefore encouraged.  I recently read an agent’s comments on one of his listings in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that read, “Do not call me.  Do not leave me a voicemail.  The fastest way to reach me is by text message.”  Okay, fine, you’re busy, but you’re tech savvy; I guess you’re working the cool and cutting edge angle.  But then…a few sentences later…the comments said, “Call lister [meaning the listing agent] before showing the home.”  WHAT?!  That agent is either: too busy, too lazy to check his own work, or doesn’t care.  Either way, there’s a problem.  If you’re a home seller in Phoenix or a surrounding suburb, you might want to know if this is the kind of stuff your agent publishes, right?  Imagine the prospective home buyers and buyer’s agents that are fleeing in the opposite direction of this home every day.  DEMAND TO SEE A COPY OF YOUR LISTING IN THE MLS, THE COPY THAT THE PUBLIC SEES AND THE COPY THAT REALTORS SEE.  We must all stop encouraging these bad real estate agents.

Image Credit: thecrazyfilmgirl on Flickr. CC Licensed.