Valleywide, all dwellings

Actives: 55,690

Unsold: 50,911

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 4,779 (9% of actives)

Valleywide, single family dwellings

Actives: 45,708

Unsold: 41,598

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 4,110 (9% of actives)

Valleywide, luxury homes

Actives: 3,253

Unsold: 3,119

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 134 (4% of actives)

East Valley, all dwellings

Actives: 19,366

Unsold: 17,494

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 1,872 (10% of actives)


Headed in a new direction, the active Phoenix housing inventory has actually decreased since last week.  Can you believe it?  Believe it!  Going along with that trend, the number of unsold listings decreased as well.

Not only did the total number of active listings across Phoenix decrease, the number of active listings also decreased in the micro-markets that we track, which include Single Family Homes, Luxury Homes, and East Valley Homes.  More exciting signs of a market trying to normalize!