Valleywide, all dwellings

Actives: 56,290

Unsold: 50,924

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 5,366 (10% of actives)

Valleywide, single family dwellings

Actives: 46,244

Unsold: 41,600

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 4,644 (10% of actives)

Valleywide, luxury homes

Actives: 3,305

Unsold: 3,148

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 157 (5% of actives)

East Valley, all dwellings

Actives: 19,477

Unsold: 17,341

Under Contract in the Last 30 Days: 2,136 (11% of actives)


As you probably noticed, there’s a lot of the same news to report this week as there was last week.  It was positive news, though, so we’ll take “more of the same” in this case.  To show you what we mean by “positive,” this week the number of homes for sale in the Greater Phoenix Area is up by a mere .05%, while the number of homes under contract is up by 3.8%.

Notable still is the greater percentage of Phoenix East Valley homes selling compared to the percentage of Valleywide homes selling.  An impressive 11% of East Valley homes are under contract this week!  If you look back at the Phoenix real estate market since October 2007, you’ll find that East Valley homes have been going under contract at a comparable or greater rate than the rest of the Valley.  Looking for more information on which areas within Phoenix are selling faster?  Or on which areas have seen the greatest increase in appreciation?  FOR THIS INFORMATION AND MORE, CONTACT The Hill Group TODAY!